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Updated 5/14/2024
LewInt integrates the ice accretion code LEWICE (version 3.2.2) with American Kestrel's user interface, icing analysis tools, and automated plotting. LEWICE 3.2.2 is a validated ice accretion code developed by NASA Glenn Research Center.

A new license agreement, with NASA Glenn, allowing distribution of LEWICE version 3.2.2 was executed on 6/11/14. American Kestrel is accepting new international orders for the integrated ice accretion suite LewInt, including LEWICE version 3.2.2.

LEWICE version 3.2.2 is made available under a copyright license from the U.S. Government, National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA.

LewInt is a try-before-you-buy package. The download listed below is a fully functioning version of LewInt with LEWICE. The software comes with a 15 day trial period but includes some reminders that pop up everytime LewInt and LEWICE is run. Once down loaded and installed the trial version can be converted to a purchased version by inputing a software key.

Version 1.04 released:
This version includes various fixes and greater implementation of LEWICE thermal analysis capabilities as well as greater use of external CFD data.

Previously installed licenses will continue to work with the new version. The next update will only be available if your maintenance is current.

If you have previously installed an earlier version of LewInt and the trial period expired you will get another two weeks when installing this version.

Current release of LewInt - Full version 1.04 released 5/8/2013
LewInt: Ice Accretion Analysis presentation given at AC9C 5/5/2009
LewInt: Thermal Analysis presentation given at AC9C 11/1/2011
NASA LEWICE example files - The LEWICE installation discs from NASA include example LEWICE input and output files as well as some papers and training material. These are all specific to LEWICE and not LewInt but are very useful.
LEWICE 3.2.2 manual - Searchable version of manual with cover sheet.

Various Thermal Analysis Using Lewice:
An Evaluation of Jet Impingement..., AIAA-2004-0062
A Comparison of Num. Methods ... Two-Dim. Heat Transfer .... NASA CR 4202
Users Manual for the NASA Lewis Ice Accretion/Heat Transfer Prediction Code with Electrothermal Deicer input - NASA CR4530

Validation Papers Using Lewice:
Validation of NASA Thermal Ice Protection Computer Codes (Part 1) NASA TM107397
Validation of NASA Thermal Ice Protection Computer Codes (Part 3) NASA TM2001-210907
A Summary of Validation Results for LEWICE 2.0 , NASA/CR—1998-208687
Validation Results for LEWICE 2.0, NASA/CR—1999-208690
Validation Results for LEWICE 3.0, NASA/CR—2005-213561

Currently LewInt/LEWICE is available to both US and foreign companies. It runs on the Microsoft Windows® operating system. Due to changes in the operating system from Windows XP through the current versions, it is recommended that the software be "tried" on the intended computer to verify acceptable operation prior to purchase.

Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the Program(s) are subject to U.S. laws governing the export and/or re-export of Program(s) including, but not limited to, the Export Administration Regulations, regulations promulgating financial transaction restrictions administered by the Office of Foreign Asset Controls of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the United States Export Administration Act, the United States Trading with the Enemy Act, and all regulations, orders and licenses issued thereunder.

The Licensee is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient; American Kestrel Co., LLC has no control over these charges, nor can American Kestrel Co., LLC predict what they may be.

Currently checks, wire transfers, or credit cards using PayPal are accepted for payment. Send email to for purchasing information. LewInt costs $3,000USD for a single permanent license with one year of maintenance and updates. A block of five licenses can be purchasd for $12,000USD. One year of mainentance is $750USD per license. Purchases can be completed via Credit Card using PayPal.

Pricing is valid for sales that do not require any seller registration or qualification, or seller certifications with the purchasing company.

Download the self expanding file containing the LewInt release. Extract the files into a temporary directory. You will need to execute two installer files. The first
LewInt_install.exe installs both the interface and the Matlab libraries required for the interface, it would be best if you used the default locations for the program. Then execute LewIntExample.msi to install some example files, it would be best to use the default location here as well.

You are now ready to run LewInt. There should be both a desktop and start menu shortcuts for LewInt. Start LewInt, it takes a while to load, and select the tutorial checkbox. Follow the instructions in the tutorial and when you set the analysis path set it to the c:/examples directory. You can turn off the tutorial at any time by closing it or un-checking the tutorial box on the main menu.

The licensing code periodically tells you that it is an unlicensed version and allows you to click through to continue. This happens with every run of Lewice as well as when you start and close LewInt. Once you have purchased a license this will disappear. Email me with any questions you have.

To be added to future mailings about LEWINT please email:

LEWINT features include:
  • Computational engine is validated ice accretion code LEWICE 3.2.2
  • International availability
  • LEWICE executable is un-altered
  • LEWICE widely accepted by regulatory authorities (User must verify acceptance)
  • Graphical user interface simplifying use for beginning and experienced user
  • Tutorial mode
  • Technical support provided by experienced user
  • On-site training available
  • User input validation and range checking
  • Raw LEWICE input and data files saved
  • A matrix of up to 64 runs may be prepared
  • Automated plotting with titles generated from conditions run
LEWICE version 3.2.2 is made available under a copyright license from the U.S. Government, National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA.

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